Unified Communications

Brochure: UCx SmartVoice SIP Trunking

We are excited about the launch of our new UCx SmartVoice service. Many customers require hybrid services using both SIP Trunking and UCx services to support their businesses today. UCx SmartVoice will improve the customer experience with consistent features, functionality and seamless integration between both services now and in the future.

UCx SmartVoice Highlights

  • Streamlined TN structure and pricing — competitive nationwide
  • UCx client — UC capabilities with SIP Trunking
  • Mobility feature package
  • Automated attendant
  • 2,500-minute bundle included
  • Abbreviated dialing with UCx services

Current SIP Trunking features

  • 911 and Enhanced 911
  • Trunk Group Call Forwarding
  • Enterprise trunking
  • SIP Cloud network connection
  • Additional Outbound Caller ID names